The Providence Committee on Foreign Relations was established in 1928 as one in a network of committees set up across the nation under the aegis of The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), itself founded in 1921. It is based in New York with an office in Washington, D.C. 

The CFR remains a leader in the study of international relations and publishes Foreign Affairs.

In 1994, the CFR discontinued its links with the local committees, which were left to sink or swim on their own.  Many were disbanded but the Providence Committee on Foreign Relations survived by dint of hard work under the leadership of a succession of well connected chairmen and secretaries.

The PCFR is now an independent, 501(c)7 non-profit, private membership organization and remains faithful to its original founding mission to inform citizens about their world. The PCFR meets 10-12 times per season between September and June of the following year. Meetings are generally held in the Hope Club, at 6 Benevolent St., Providence. The speakers’ talks and the question and answer period following are not for attribution, unless the speaker specifically requests otherwise.  Thus, we look for, and usually get, vigorous discussion. A list of recent speakers can be found on the Past Speakers page.

Membership in the committee is by invitation.

The Current Officers of the Committee

Chairman - Robert Whitcomb

Vice-Chairman - Irving Sheldon

Secretary - Robert Sloan

Treasurer - Amy Sloan