Glader's talk on Germany


Win Tompkins, a student at the Met School and a PCFR intern, sent us these notes on the Dec. 1 talk:

Paul Glader, a former journalist for the Wall Street Journal, spoke to the PCFR Dec. 1 He talked about Germany,  including Chancellor Angela Merkel’s controversial leadership of the most important country in Europe, and the future of the Continent in light of the  political and economic migrant/ refugee crisis.

He started by addressing the state of the European Union and its sheer economic power. He noted that if the European Union were a single country, it would be economically the second most powerful country, after the United States.

Of course, Europe is anything but unified, with its vast array of different cultures and different world views between, for example, Western Europe’s liberal and highly secular culture and and  central and eastern Europe’s more conservative and religious culture, whose leaders oppose Mrs. Merkel’s open-door policy toward refugees.


Mr. Glader talked to two people in the Q&A on opposite ends  of the spectrum on feelings toward the E.U. One man remarked when asked his nationality that “I am a European” while another man remarked that some leaders had tried for many centuries to unify Europe and it hasn’t worked.