PCFR Meeting: Facing Zika, Ebola and influenza

  • The Hope Club 6 Benevolent Street Providence, RI, 02906 United States

Rand Stoneburner, M.D., is trained in internal medicine and as a Centers for Disease Control epidemiologist with experience in disease surveillance, outbreak investigations and the interpretation of epidemiological, demographic, and sociological data as they relate to evaluation of disease dynamics, intervention impacts and health policy. 

On April 19, he will talk about such relatively new global disease threats as Zika and Ebola but particularly about the greatest threat -- an influenza pandemic.

His internationally  known work on the HIV pandemic extended over 30 years in association with: the U.S. Centers for Disease Control; the Department of Health, City of New York; the World Health Organizations’ Global Program on AIDS; the Institute for Global Health at the University of California, San Francisco: the United States Agency for International Development; The Global Fund, and UNAIDS. Most recently, as senior adviser to the unit of Strategic Intelligence and Analysis, UNAIDS Geneva, he developed and led country-level investigations in collaboration (with WHO and The Global Fund) of empirical data to assess the effect of HIV and TB intervention investments. 

He has led initial investigations linking the HIV and TB epidemics and the larger spectrum of HIV disease in  drug users in the United States and has   documented the impact of HIV behavioral dynamics.

His work in developing countries as a WHO/Global Program on AIDS medical officer helped extend  analytical approaches to better understand HIV dynamics and behavioral change impacts in  East Africa,  including development of novel HIV modeling methods in the early 1990's.